Job title: Bartender

Place of work: Bar

Scope and general purpose of job: To prepare and serve beverages to guests in a friendly manner in order to maximize guest satisfaction consistent with established standards.

Responsible to: F&B Manager, F&B Assistant Manager & F&B Supervisors


  1. Punctuality to report for duty 15 minutes before the commencement of the shift.
  2. Attendance: to maintain the correct level of attendance. Continuous absenteeism will not be tolerated as it affects colleagues and the whole operation.
  3. Appearance: to maintain a high standard of appearance and personnel hygiene maintained at all times in accordance with the procedures and the requirements of the company.
  4. Cooperation: to cooperate with staff, colleagues and superiors at all times.
  5. Communication: to communicate constantly with F&B Supervisor, other departmental staff, other supervisors, managers and superiors with regard to matters arising on the floor.
  6. Security: to maintain close surveillance over the F&B area in order to detect any irregularities of the
    equipment, patrons, or staff and any potentially dangerous situations, and report such matters to security and management.
  7. To assist in floor duties when required.
  8. To have a complete understanding of the Property’s employee handbook and adhere to the regulation contained within.


  1. To post promptly all complimentary charges after having ensured that the approver’s signature is legible and appropriate.
  2. To handle payments by credit cards in accordance with the prescribed procedures.
  3. To be aware of those guests who are on a 'Complimentary' basis.
  4. To obtain and account for the correct settlement of all sales.
  5. To understand thoroughly and to adhere to the property’s policies and procedures, which include credit policies and cash handling responsibilities.
  6. To be responsible for all issued funds, collections, tips etc.; in short, for all money which are handled by the staff during the course of a day.
  7. To input accurately all food, beverage and other sales into the pre-checking terminals.
  8. To obtain and account for the correct settlement of all sales.
  9. To account for all guest checks - those used during the shift, those remaining and those voided.
  10. To handle voiding, correcting, changing of restaurant checks in accordance with the prescribed procedures.
  11. To handle payments by credit cards in accordance with prescribed procedures.
  12. To account for tips as required by law.
  13. To balance the day's transactions at the end of the shift.
  14. To identify and correct any errors; each shift must balance.
  15. To sign off from the computer.
  16. To enclose balanced remittances, including credit cards (batched by cc-company) and the Cage reports, in the provided envelope and deposit it in the drop-safe.
  17. To be flexible and extend job duties, to carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities within the job capability as assigned, including redeployment to alternative departments/areas if required, to meet business demands and guest service needs.


  1. To prepare and serve beverage orders as per standard recipe list.
  2. To provide high standard of quality and speedy service.
  3. To prepare prep area and perform all necessary side duties.
  4. To collect all general requisitions and food and beverage requisitions.
  5. To strictly adhere to opening and closing procedures established for the outlet and check beverage stocks daily.
  6. To have a thorough understanding and knowledge of all beverage items.
  7. To ensure that the bar counter and surrounding area is kept clean and organized at all times.
  8. To monitor and operate supplies and inform management of spoilage and wastage.
  9. To carry out monthly or whenever necessary beverage stock-take in order to keep a tight control on the beverage cost.
  10. To perform cashiering functions within established standards.


  1. Undertake limited technical duties and/or repairs under supervision.
  2. Ensure optimum operation and minimal down time by reporting any malfunctions to the supervisor.
  3. Must have a thorough knowledge of F&B equipment operation.
  4. Responsible and accountable for all keys issued to him whilst on duty.
  5. Must not carry out major technical repairs.


  1. To ensure high standards of workmanship and enforce the procedures, rules and policies of the department and the company.
  2. To help training new bartenders in all procedures as required or directed by superiors.


  1. To have a complete knowledge of property amenities available to customers.
  2. At all times to be polite and pay attention to customers’ needs.
  3. Create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
  4. To diplomatically deal with issues when requested.
  5. Answer promptly any calls for assistance from customers and assist them in any way possible.
  6. Deal with customer disputes and complaints in a diplomatic and professional manner and refer any unsettled disputes to the F&B Supervisor and F&B Manager.