Housekeeping Attendant

• High School diploma or equivalent preferred.
• Good communication skills both written and oral.
• Knowledge of cleaning chemicals and equipment preferred but not required.
• Good interpersonal skills.
• Problem solving skills are highly desired, as well as an eye for detail.
• Must be a team player.

Essential Functions:
• Deep clean restrooms, stock all supply closets, remove trash, clean sled chairs, clean all areas around HHR machines, clean ash trays and urns, remove gum from floor, clean Executive offices, Simulcasting and Bingo areas
• Vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, dusting, cleaning of wood, glass, pictures, doors, tables, chairs, HHR machines and carpets.
• Responsible for cleanliness of floors in assigned public and employee areas, which includes all front and back of the house.
• Responsible for equipment or process.
• Clean and maintain equipment.
• Uses equipment and supplies properly.
• Report maintenance concerns to supervisor.
• Follow established key and chemical procedures.
• Any and all other duties as assigned.

Physical, Mental, and Environmental Demands:
• Must be able to work independently.
• Training program for one (1) week with proficiency reached in approximately 1-1-½ months.
• Must be able to stand and walk for prolonged periods of time, minimum of 4-6 hrs.
• Must be able to maneuver from floor to floor either by stairway (a minimum of 20 steps) or by elevator.
• Responds to visual and oral cues.
• Must be fluent and literate in English.
• Must be able to stoop, kneel, bend, twist, turn, push and pull, reach overhead, as well as lift and carry a minimum of 25 lbs.
• Must have the manual dexterity to grab, grip, hold, pour, tear, cut, sort and reach.
• Must be able to operate various cleaning equipment and tools.
• Must be able to tolerate areas containing second hand smoke, dust, loud noises and bright lights.
• Must be able to work nights, holidays and weekends.
• Must keep a neat and clean appearance at all times.
• Must report to work 10 minutes prior to start of shift

Certificates, Licenses, and Registrations: Must qualify for, obtain, and maintain a gaming license from the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission.