1. To set up the prep area stations for the various meal periods according to performance standard.
  2. To prepare food items according to the standard recipes in the outlet manual.
  3. To minimize waste of all food items.
  4. To collect food requisitions from the commissary area as directed.
  5. To breakdown prep area stations at the end of meal periods and store the food away properly.
  6. To insure and maintain in the kitchen a high level of cleanness at all time and adhere to all laws and regulations concerning hygiene.
  7. To work in any section of the kitchen when necessary or as requested by the F&B Manager.
  8. To became familiar with all sections of the kitchen to facilitate the flexible use of employees.
  9. To store food items properly in the fridge and keep it tidy and clean at all time.
  10. To brief the incoming shift.
  11. To clean and arrange working area before leaving.
  12. To report if stock is low or items are missing.
  13. To prepare and check the food before the service.
  14. To make sure the prep area is completed on time.
  15. To report if leaving the working area.


  1. Undertake limited technical duties and/or repair under supervision.
  2. Ensure optimum operation and minimal down time by reporting any malfunctions to the supervisor.
  3. Must have a thorough knowledge of kitchen equipment operation.
  4. Responsible and accountable for all keys issued to him whilst on duty
  5. Must not carry out major technical repairs.


  1. To ensure high standards of workmanship and enforce the procedures, rules and policies of the department and the company.
  2. To help training new staff in all procedures as required or directed by superiors.