Security Officer

Scope and general purpose of job: To ensure highest standard of efficiency possible with regard to security and customer service in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Property.

Responsible to: Security Manager
Security Supervisor



  1. Punctuality to report for duty 15 minutes before the commencement of the shift.
  2. Attendance: to maintain the correct level of attendance. Continuous absenteeism will not be tolerated as it affects colleagues and the whole operation.
  3. Appearance: to maintain a high standard of appearance and staff hygiene maintained at all times in accordance with the procedures and the requirements of the company.
  4. Cooperation: to cooperate with staff, colleagues and superiors at all times.
  5. Communication: to communicate constantly with Security Supervisor, other departmental staff, other supervisors, managers and superiors with regard to matters arising on the floor.
  6. Security: to maintain close surveillance over the terminal area in order to detect any irregularities on the part of the terminals, patrons, or staff and any potentially dangerous situations, and report such matters to security and management.
  7. To assist in floor duties when required.
  8. To have a complete understanding of the Property’s employee handbook and adhere to the regulation contained within.


  1. Protection of guests and property.
  2. Protection of employees.
  3. Protection of Property assets.
  4. Regular patrols of the property premises.
  5. Keep superiors informed of any relevant matters.
  6. Only in case of emergency leave your station or patrols without a proper relief and only after ensuring that the relieving officer is fully and accurately briefed.
  7. With management approval, remove in a professional and discrete manner, any persons whose behavior is not in the best interests of the property.
  8. Be fully conversant with the emergency procedures, fire fighting equipment and first aid amenities of the property.
  9. Exercise strict confidentiality in all matters with regard to information, procedures and equipment.
  10. Always exercise your duties according to the policies and procedures of Property.
  11. Exercise a good working relationship with local authorities.


  1. Check and ensure that the emergency exits are not blocked at any time.
  2. Check and ensure that all windows are intact.
  3. Check and ensure that all doors, that need to be, are securely locked.
  4. Check and ensure that all doors to the power supply room are secured and locked.
  5. Check and ensure that the water pumping station is intact.
  6. Check and ensure that lamp posts at the parking area are functioning.
  7. Check and ensure that the staff entrance not is left open.
  8. Monitor activity in connection with opening of the delivery doors.
  9. Check and ensure that the delivery doors are properly locked and secured when the delivery is completed.
  10. Assist and help in guiding vehicles to vacant parking spaces, as and when necessary.
  11. Before approaching suspicious persons, inform via communication system, and await back-up.
  12. Before approaching any kind of suspicious activity or persons always ensure that you have camera coverage.


  1. Assist reception in crowd control.
  2. A security officer must be vigilant in vetting guests for dress requirements, underage, intoxication, possible barred persons and guests attempting to enter the property with bags (except for woman handbags), coats, hats unless worn for religious reasons, cameras, electronic devices or weapon.
  3. When required, to assist the managers in the peaceful settlement of guest complaints or disputes.
  4. To peacefully mingle and maintain surveillance amongst guests and staff alike
  5. At the discretion of a manager on duty undesirable guests are asked to leave following misdemeanors and escorted of the property premises by a minimum of 2 security officers in the correct manner.
  6. At the discretion of the property duty manager barred persons are no longer allowed on the premises and should be escorted out by a minimum of 2 security agents.
  7. Before dealing with any security related matters always ensure you have back up and camera coverage.
  8. To assist in the co-ordination of any emergency situation. Ensure that all staff accept their responsibilities in the event of any emergency situation such as bomb hoaxes, suspicious objects found on the premises or armed robberies with a possible hostage situation.
  9. To receive lost property and subsequently notify the security supervisor for his action. Claims for found property must be directed through the security supervisor.
  10. As instructed by the property Security and Surveillance Manager or Security Supervisor to coordinate periodical searching of departing staff. In the case where staff refuse to be searched or prove to be difficult, the circumstances should be reported to the property Security and Surveillance Manager.
  11. To assist the IRM operation by escorting the IRM Terminal Technician to verify any actions at the device as prescribed in the procedures.