Historical Horse Racing At Kentucky Downs

Historical Horse Racing At Kentucky Downs

Kentucky Downs offers exotic wagering on historic horse racing at 625 Exacta terminals. A total of 31 different pari-mutuel wagers are offered, each of which are based on the RCI Model Rule 004-105T. The object of the game is to correctly predict the finishing position of as many of the horses from three historical horse races, where the number of correctly predicted finishers determines the prize to be awarded. Handicapping statistics are provided to patrons to help them make their decisions, similar to live horse racing. At the conclusion of each race, patrons are provided with race charts that include information on the finish order, a computer enhanced video replay, as well as a will-pay screen indicating their respective prize.

Pari-Mutuel Wagering

A pari-mutuel wager allows the patrons to wager between each other rather than against the house. Wagers are combined in a collective “pool.” The track deducts a set percentage from the pool and the remaining balance of the pool is dispersed back to the patrons who place winning wagers.
Historical Horse Racing At Kentucky Downs

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Rules and Regulations

All Historical Horse Racing games offered at Kentucky Downs are governed by the rules and regulations for wagering on historic horse races approved by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission.
Below are links to the complete set of rules and regulations under which Kentucky Downs operates all Historical Horse Racing games:
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